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Congratulations on getting engaged! 

Here at iris + fern we can help you through every step of your cake planning! 

Steps to your big day:

1. You fill in the enquiry form on my contact page which starts the whole process off!

2. I will then contact you for more information. This is to finalise things such as how many guests you want to cater for, the venue, what size portions you want to serve and then if there are any designs you want me to take inspiration from

3. I will use all of that information to come up with a quote. I work on a bespoke cake by cake basis, so don't have a 'set menu' of cakes and prices to choose from. I'll then send you the quote, with a variety of size and design options for you to look at.

4. Once you are happy to go ahead with the design I will invite you to one of my next tasting sessions. This is the fun part! You will visit my home and are able to taste 3 flavour options for up to 3 people, so you are welcome to bring a maid of honour or future mother in law! Tasting sessions cost £20, which is then deducted from the cost of your cake. During the cake tasting session we will discuss the design in more detail and anything in particular you would like to include such as colours, or certain flowers. 

5. After the tasting session I ask for 50% payment of the cost of the cake to secure the date and get you booked in! 

6. I will come up with a more detailed sketch of the cake incorporating what we have spoken about on the tasting day. This may be straight after if you have all the other details of the day finalised, or it may be a bit further down the line once you have a better idea of the day. I'm happy to liaise directly with florists to 

If you are interested in receiving a quote for your special day then please contact me via my enquiry form.